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Insurance Options

Insurance Plans We Accept

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Option #1: Out-of-Network Insurance

Many insurance plans will still pay you back for out-of-network speech therapy services. If you choose to do this, I will provide a receipt, called a Superbill. If you send this to your insurance company, they will repay you for some (or all) of the cost of therapy, depending on your plan. If you are using out-of-network insurance, be sure to check with your company before beginning therapy to verify your coverage.

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Option #2: Private Pay (paying out of pocket)

When you pay out of pocket, you do not have to work with insurance at all. You will simply pay for therapy at the time of service.

*No physician/PCP referral required to begin speech therapy.

*No hassle of meeting a deductible.

*No cap on the total number of sessions per year or session duration.

We offer a time-of-service private pay discount! Fee must be paid in full on the day of service using cash or card.

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